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Luke 13:22-30


This Door is for going through right now

Jesus carries on teaching while on the way to Jerusalem.

He is asked another question:

  • What the question is about – "Will few be saved?" – What provoked this question?

  • Interesting but not very practical – better to ask "What must I do to be saved?" Acts 16:30.

  • Jesus’ answer focuses on the practical

Jesus answers with another story about the Kingdom of God

  • This time Jesus compares the Kingdom of God to a house and he wants us to strive to enter it.

What do we know about this house? We are not naturally inside it.

  • It already has a door – no need to try to make one

  • It is a narrow door – this is God’s way. Other ways like trying to run through a wall

  • It is currently open

  • It will be closed

  • It has an owner

  • Jesus himself appears to be the owner cf. v.26

  • He determines whether a person comes in or is excluded

  • Does the owner recognise you or reject you?

  • It has people inside

  • Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and all God’s prophets

  • There are folk from all over the world there too

  • Many won’t be able to gain access to this house

  • These would like to be inside – but they’ve come too late (True seekers need not fear – this refers to those who would not seek when they had the opportunity).

  • They are considered to be evildoers

  • The conditions outside are not good

  • Weeping – sadness                     

  • Grinding of teeth – pain or anger

But it makes no difference - no change is possible.

So strive to enter!
"Make every effort..."

Language used comes from the arena or the wrestling ring – "agonize".

Not "Will few (or many for that matter) be saved?" but "Will I be saved?" Will you be inside this house or shut out forever?

Don’t put your trust in outward privileges: it is not privilege that will save you but what you do with those privileges. The Jews had great privileges – the promises of God, the Messiah etc. but they in great measure did not benefit from these. Others heard the truth much later and yet responded at once.

"And behold, some are last who will be first, and some are first who will be last."

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