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52. Sermon Outline

Special Service
Take Shelter in God

Psalm 91

1: Trust in God… (verses 1-2)
• The believer who trusts in God is shielded and equipped to survive
• The Most High God, the Almighty (El Shaddai), the LORD - the trustworthy God of Israel, and ours through Jesus Christ

2 …and know His Protection from judgement (verses 3-8)
• Scene 1: destruction - but who is kept safe?
• The grace of God’s costly protection - because He is faithful
• Where do you stand?

3 …and know His Presence in troubles (verses 9-13)
• Scene 2: the hazardous path ahead
• God’s gracious promise to be present in troubles
• Not trudging, but trampling; not testing, but trusting!

4 …and be sure of ultimate satisfaction (verses 14-16)
• Three voices in the Psalm: the Psalmist: ‘You should trust!’; the believer: ‘I will trust’; the Lord: ‘You were right to trust me!’
• God’s ultimate purpose - v16 - the answer to Psalm 90:13
• Satisfaction - but delayed - looking forward in faith to our ultimatesalvation and life with God
• Have you taken shelter?

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