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Giving Thanks


Exhortations or commands to give thanks
·         Frequent 18x
·         “Let them thank the LORD...” 4x in Ps.107
·         “Give thanks...” Ps.136
o   To the Lord
o   To the God of gods
o   To the Lord of lords
o   To the God of heaven

Thanks can be organised:
·         Special days 1Chron.16:7
·         Regular times 1Chron.23:30
·         Prepared instruments 2Chron.7:6
·         Thank offerings & sacrifices 2Chron.29:31
·         People appointed for this: Levites 1Chron.16:4

Reasons why:
·         For he is good                                                      ) 9x
·         For his steadfast love endures forever           )           1Chron.16:34
·         His faithfulness Ps.138:2
·         His righteousness Ps.7:17
·         For answering prayers and saving Ps.118:21, Col.1:12
·         For being our God Ps.118:28
·         For giving wisdom and might in answer to prayer Dan.2:23
·         For provision of food Acts 27:35
·         For brethren Acts 28:15, Rom.1:8
·         For evidence of their spiritual growth 2Thess.1:3
·         For spiritual gifts 1Cor.14:18
·         For strength 1Tim.1:12
·         For successes given 1Cor.15:57
·         For his inexpressible gift 2Cor.9:15
·         Always, for everything Eph.5:20

·         wholeheartedly Ps.9:1, Ps.109:30
·         rejoicing Ps.97:12
·         humility 2Chron.7:3
·         enthusiastically Ezra 3:11, Ps.109:30
·         forever Ps.30:12

Associated with other instructions: (good bedfellows)
·         praise, worship (singing)
·         invoke/ call on his name
·         make his deeds known

A goal of salvation – 1Chron.16:35, Ps.106:47

Jesus gave thanks
·         for food Mk.8:6
·         for Father’s sovereignty in revealing truth Mt.11:25
·         for the bread and cup at the Lord’s Supper Lk.22:17, 19
·         that the Father heard him Jn.11:41
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